Payment 3x free of charge

POWEREACT offers you the possibility of paying for your order in 3x free of charge.

What are the conditions to benefit from payment in 3x free of charge?

  • Your cart must have a minimum of €79.99 (after any reductions)
  • Choose the alma payment method at checkout for French (or Belgian) bank cards.
    Example for a purchase of €149.85 made on 08/30

      How does payment in 3x free of charge work?

      On the day of your purchase, you are deducted from the first third of your purchase. You will then be deducted from the 2nd and 3rd third each month.

      Example: For an order placed on August 1, a first debit of one-third of the amount is made on August 1, the second debit of the second third will be on September 1, and the third debit will be on October 1.

      How does the refund work if I return my order?

      Payment in 3x free of charge allows you to benefit from the exchange and refund conditions defined on our website.
      For any refund request, a pro rata will be calculated according to the remaining monthly payments.

      Example :

      You made a purchase of €150 on August 1st.
      - €50 was debited on August 1st during the purchase, €50 is debited on September 1st and €50 on October 1st.

      - In the event of a request for reimbursement of €60, the monthly payment for October 1 will not be debited, and the debit for September 1 will only be €40.

      - In the event of a request for a refund of €150, the first direct debit is refunded to your account (€50), and the two following direct debits are cancelled.