The Powereact brand was created in 2021 by Fabien.T, a former professional football player who, following a serious knee injury, was forced to consider his post-career sooner than he imagined.

Despite this setback, he refuses to be defeated and trains in business and marketing.

It was then that he noticed a lack on the market: the absence of a high-performance interactive training system accessible to everyone.

He who had already used this type of system during his rehabilitation, this is how he came up with the idea of ​​developing his own equipment.

He then began to collect feedback from everyone in order to better understand the needs and to offer a product that met the expectations of users.

This is how Powereact was born.

Thanks to his network and the experience acquired along the way, the project gradually took off.

Professional football clubs, physiotherapists, physical trainers, athletes or renowned centers such as Clairefontaine, all have adopted Powereact and recognize its effectiveness.

The brand is enjoying great success which is rapidly spreading beyond borders and makes Powereact a leading player in its market.

Everyone praises a complete system, easy to use with interesting features and above all excellent value for money.

But for Fabien.T, Powereact is not just a product, this success also symbolizes a state of mind.

This represents his own journey, he who had to prematurely abandon his dream of seeing his career last to adapt to his new reality.

“For me Powereact is much more than a product, it's a state of mind of resilience.

The story of my life.

In the same way that Powereact stimulates users to give an adequate response, life also tested me and I had to react, adapt to the situation that presented itself in front of me.

Everything happens first in the head then the actions must follow hence the slogan:

"From brain to body"

Through the Powereact brand I also want to inspire people to never give up despite the difficulties, to adapt and to seek this unsuspected strength in themselves to accomplish beautiful things.

Today I am very proud of what the brand is becoming, when I see people adhering to the concept and using Powereact even beyond borders, it makes me happy because I know where I come from”.

"Suffer, endure, get up and inspire" 🕊️ by Fabien.T