How it works?

Powereact is an interactive training system designed to strengthen the link between body and mind. It consists of light pods that provide visual and auditory stimuli for users. The aim is to deactivate these pods as quickly as possible, thereby improving reactivity and cognitive performance.

Before starting your workout, you need to position the light pods. You can connect up to 12 pods simultaneously, giving you great flexibility in creating your training environment. Once the pods have been positioned, you can move on to configuring your workout in the Powereact app. The app lets you choose from a range of pre-set workout programs, or create your own customized sessions. You can select the types of visual and audio stimuli you wish to use, adjust exercise duration and define rest intervals. This customization allows you to tailor training to your specific needs and create challenges to suit your goals.

It's time to start exercising. The light pods emit visual and audible stimuli that require a rapid reaction on your part. You need to deactivate the pods as quickly as possible, using either the motion sensor or the touch sensor, depending on your preference. This develops your reactivity, coordination and concentration.

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